We are dedicated in helping you to create a life you love by simply re-de-fining your personal space in your home and life.

Simply said, we can not invite in the things we want when we are holding onto the things we need to let go of. There is only so much square space in our personal living areas and when it’s no longer functioning or over-crowed it’s time to let go of what is not working or being used any more.

I’m Barbara Hilkey, a professional coach for personal transition. I take a personalized approach to help each individual client achieve and maintain their own goals, dreams and desires for your life.


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  1. Chad Knowlden says:

    Hello Barbara,
    My name is Chad and we met at the estate sale you had two weeks ago, I purchased a wall of wood and several other items. The reason I am contacting you is, we talked about the little wood lathe and I couldn’t make it back in time to purchase it. I was wondering if you knew if it was still available? I have drove past the house several times to see if I could catch anyone there to ask. If you could help me with this I would be very grateful. Thank you.

  2. Barbara Greer says:

    Hi, I listened to your interview on Second Half Now w/Pr. Dan Critchett last night. That was an excellent program and spurs me to action.
    I have a storage unit about 2/3 full and my small apartment.
    I’m particularly focused on the storage unit.
    I would like to know about your rates and if you would be available in May.
    Thank you.

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