Birthday’s Come and Go, However…

Birthday’s come and go, however…

Yes, I celebrated another birthday. But this year was different. I guess I was trying to share a little bit more wisdom to the four people who gathered around me to help me celebrate than they wanted and it backfired. I was too ethereal in the way I was viewing my whole existence and it didn’t go over very well. Everyone wanted the time spent over dinner to be more joyful with laughter and good food. In fact one of the ladies¬†there thought that birthday’s should be all about them and all the gifts they should receive. You know, queen for the day attitude.

I will admit that some years where more celebratory than others. Why not? I have been know to party a time or two.

Instead I gave them my view on why celebrating birthdays was important to me. I will express here what I said and you can decide for yourself what is important to you when you celebrate your birthday.

“Our day of birth is the day when our journey here on earth begins. These are the gifts we give ourselves; wisdom, joy, knowledge, laughter, and love. It’s not all about physical gifts but of the spirit. But when someone gives me a gift then I am truly thankful because someone thought highly enough of me to help celebrate my life – a gift in itself”.

Cape diem!




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