Feeling Powerless? Learn How to Re-de-fine Your Personal Power


Re-de-fining Personal Power

A women’s perspective

As women we re-de-fine our personal power each day of our lives. Our responsibilities to our families, work and to ourselves can make us feel overwhelmed when we take the accumulative responsibilities as a whole. For some of us, we try to move through our daily lives at the speed of light thinking if we go fast enough there will be a small window of time at the end of the day for just me. However, at this fast pace some personal needs get left behind. I believe that we long to enjoy the full expression of our natural inner feminine beauty, joy and self-esteem, but at the rate we move to take care of others we don’t give ourselves even a minute to feel our inner beauty let alone embrace and live it.

Do you feel alone and disconnected? You are not the only one because the things we long for the most as a women in our lives is authentic intimacy, purpose, joy, connection, creativity, self-expression, aliveness, meaning and contribution. Working towards a future full of hope and life, built on unlimited possibilities.

With social norms pointing us in the direction of putting our own needs on the back burner we create a daily struggle trying to balance our feminine and masculine powers. More times than not my clients seem to be having an all out war between the feminine side and working from our masculine power side. We somehow believe that we need to get things done working within a system of control, analysis and logical linear thinking. While leaving our feminine side of intuition, communication, alignment, and our sense of soft intelligence stay in the back ground.

If you are living and working at the speed of light while leaving your personal self behind you will start feeling the effects of burnout. Burnout is not only physical and emotionally painful, but a place where your spirit will be crushed. You are not meant to live with a crushed spirit, but to truly express your unique purpose for your life and share your gifts that are meant to create a world where you feel fully empowered. You can make the right choices daily by using the right balance between the feminine and masculine energy in your life and work.  By re-defining your boundaries and tolerations you will re-de-fine your personal power for your life.

Yours in joy,

Barbara Hilkey

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