I bring this wonderful acupressure technique to your attention because of it’s benefits. From time to time I will be using it or recommending it to help you facilitate your healing and well-being. Please read the information below, do personal research to know if EFT is right for you.


I work with three specific areas where your goals and dreams have been compromised or have hit a road block:

  • Emotional eating, weight or body image issues
  • Poor self-image, lack of confidence, not good enough
  • Disorganization somewhere in your life, work or home environment

Using EFT my clients have released major blocks in their lives addressing their emotions. They have accomplish some pretty awesome goals and left behind some pretty intense pain. The commonality was fear or a past memory which are the two major blocks we can all associate with.

Overcoming emotional or physical challenges does not have to be difficult

EFT-Tapping works very simply and scientifically. EFT is often called emotional acupuncture because it combines gentle tapping on key acupuncture points  (the meridian system) while focusing on the emotion that is presenting itself in the moment and the issue attached to that emotion or pain you are feeling in your body (fear, pain, sadness, unhappy memories, food cravings, or any other problem).

Improve the quality of your life using a proven method

Most of us go through life thinking that we have to live through our emotional or physical pain and challenges.  That this is the best I’m able to achieve and dreams must stay a dream. Financial freedom is for other people. If this is you, why not improve the quality of your life simply by using this proven method?

By using this simply Tapping method you can actually live and see it’s results.  What I can do is tell you that it does work. My life has been forever changed and the true core of my being is healthy and vibrant!

Studies show that unresolved emotional trauma underlies much disease, and that removing that layer of trauma opens the doors to healing. When something this easy and efficient works you know there will be skeptics. However, there is a reason why experts and gurus like Nick Ortner, Jack Canfield, Bruce Lipton, Dawson Church, Cheryl Richardson, Carol Look, and many, many more are in total support and endorse Tapping.

Why are so many supporting EFT…because it WORKS! They know it works because they use it themselves and know just how powerful this tool is in creating the life you want.

Why it works

Unresolved emotional blocks or disruptions in the body’s subtle energy systems create a type of anxiety short circuit in the body that, in turn, triggers your outcome response (overeating, feeling tired, anxious, withdrawn, not able to sleep).

Research indicates that gently tapping the acupoint points triggers the body to generate Opioids (endorphins, enkephalins, and dynorphin) which reduce pain. It generates neurotransmitters which reduces anxiety and it reduces cortisol by up to 50% (Cortisol is the body’s main stress hormone).

There is a basic formula which includes tapping on a set of acupoints on your body while verbally stating the issue or set up statement. Tapping on your body looks a little strange at first but once you understand the logic behind the technique it will be obvious why it calms the body’s natural stress response to a traumatic memory.

The part of the brain that deals with threats is called the limbic system or midbrain which encodes negative experiences with an emotional charge. This emotional charge gets logged into our sub-conscience as a memory. This is also the fight, flight or stay response to a perceived threat. For more information on how our body and mind works go to www.EFTuniverse.com.  EFT stresses emotional healing because it is the underpinnings of all disorders, whether the manifestation is emotional or physical.

EFT has provided emotional freedom to millions of people, and EFT can do the same for you. If you are ready and open to new solutions and ways to improve your life than anything is possible from this point forward.

For more information on EFT go to www.EFTUniverse.com

For a more fulfilling life that you love it’s time to eliminate what is holding you back.

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Disclaimer:  EFT is not meant to replace qualified medical advice. You are urged to consult a your physician and/or mental health provider.

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