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Are You Ready to Reclaim You Life and Renew Your Purpose? Accomplish your Vision? 

Coaching will help you focus on goals while providing tools and insights to create a life you will LOVE.  My coaching packages are meant to renew your mind, your spirit and life as unique as you are. If your dreams have been on hold, now is the time for you to take action in making them come true.

Welcome to Transformational Coaching:

Pearl Diving: Obtaining a Clear Vision and Purpose in Your Life Again

This is one of the most powerful ways to unlock your guiding light of true potential. Here is where you will discover more about the women you are meant to be by diving deep into the beautiful soul of who you are. To achieve clarity, balance and abundance in your life.  You will take manageable risks, and create clear intentions. Align your life with the deepest truths of who you really are. To go for more than you thought possible, to dare to stretch. Isn’t it time to go for more than what you are settling for?

Areas of transformational focus:

  • Recognize doubt and fear and blocks
  • Find and live your life’s vision
  • Extreme self care inside and out
  • Discover clarity on who you are
  • Eliminate toleration that drag you down
  • Gain inner peace, happiness and joy
  • Goals and dreams that pull you forward

Coaching Package includes:

  • Three 60 minute coaching session per month (18 Total, 6 months)
  • Weekly emails and one (1) 20 minute Action Call phone call per month
  • Workbook with Recommend assignments (could include EFT-Tapping)

Emotional Freedom Technique known as Tapping

Please go to my EFT-Tapping page to read more about the benefits of Tapping and why it’s so beneficial in your healing process.

EFT-Tapping Session  60 minutes – Only $90.00

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